They said it, not us!

By September 18, 2019 Uncategorized

No words are more powerful to gauge the success, or failure, of a company than customer feedback. Here are some actual comments from our customers who’s vacation experience was enhanced through our Experiential Amenities program.

Our boys enjoyed the kayaks and the bicycles! It was great to see them doing something else other than the video games!! It made their vacation a fun and memorable one!

After a long drive, arriving at our rental home and seeing our beach gear neatly waiting for us helped us relax immediately! It was such a gift. I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you!

Beach gear made our stay that much more convenient and enjoyable! More room in the car for our stuff and no hassle!

It’s awesome not to have to lug beach gear from home! 

As a family of 10, the beach gear included was a HUGE plus for us. We were able to get 9 beach chairs and a umbrella for the cost of pennies! The chairs were very nice and sturdy beach chairs. The “beach gear included” is a definite perk!!

Loved how easy it was to add bikes and chairs to my stay – really a very nice added benefit! Normally I’d have to look up some bikes places, confirm rates, compare and then book. Great benefit with simple online ordering.

Loved having the gear dropped off and picked up. No worries! There was something so pleasant about driving up and seeing it sitting there waiting for you – full of possibilities.

The kids had never used some of that equipment before so it was fun to see them try. More memories made!

It was wonderful to get there and have the paddle boards and life vests all ready to go! And a terrific value! Thanks!!!

Such a nice addition to our rental! No need to pack chairs and umbrellas for the seven of us. The quality of the chairs and umbrellas were fantastic. Thank you so much!

  • Thank you so much for the kind words and we’re so happy that our service helped make your vacation more convenient and memorable – VayK Gear Management