Customer Support Information

Safety Items

Safety items are listed on the third gear selection page of your custom order page. Safety gear is not required, but may be automatically added for your convenience. An item can be removed using the ‘-‘ button under the item picture.


All prices listed in your custom order link are for the duration of your reservation. These dates will appear once you reach the checkout page.


To complete your order with your custom order link, continue through the ordering process by pressing the ‘next’ button until you reach our checkout page. From there, make sure all fields are filled out properly and that you’ve agreed to our terms and conditions. Pressing the FINISH button will then bring you to our confirmation page. You will receive a confirmation email shortly thereafter.

Delivery & Pickup

We will deliver gear on your arrival date if your order is placed before 2 PM ET the day before your arrival. For orders placed later than that, we will deliver the next day if the order is received before 2 PM ET, or the day after that if received after 2 PM ET. We can’t accommodate pickups from our warehouse or same-day deliveries. 

These dates will be listed on the checkout page of your custom order link.

Gear is picked up on your departure date.